The Value of a Microsoft Advertising Certified Professional

Be in the Know on Microsoft Advertising
Nancy McCord is a Microsoft Advertising Certified Professional.
Nancy McCord is a Microsoft Advertising Certified Professional.

We have just certified as a Microsoft Advertising Certified Professional. Why should this special credential be important to you as a business owner as you look for an Internet Marketing firm and Microsoft Advertising account manager?

Here are some important considerations:

Microsoft Advertising Certified Professionals are experts in Microsoft Advertising solutions who have passed an online multiple-choice test with a score of 80% or more. They have proven their expertise across Microsoft Advertising solutions by passing all three certifications and receiving the highest-level status: The Microsoft Advertising Certified Professional (MACP).

Working with a Microsoft Advertising Certified Professional can provide you with many benefits such as:

• Cost-effectiveness: Microsoft Ads is typically cheaper than Google Ads and offers more opportunities to target specific audiences with relevant ads at a lower cost per click.

• Detailed analytics: Microsoft Ads provides detailed analytics that are easy to interpret, making it easier to track ROI and refine campaigns over time.

• Real-time data: One of the key advantages of using Microsoft Advertising is the ability to analyze your campaign’s performance metrics. The platform offers real-time data on clicks, impressions, and conversions, which can help you make more informed decisions.

• Professional Service Ads: Professional Service Ads typically apply to verticals with advisors, agents, and consultants. According to internal data from Microsoft, advertisers experienced more conversions at lower costs with Professional Service Ads than text ads.

• Access to beta features: Microsoft Advertising Certified Professionals have access to beta features that are not yet available to the general public. This means that they can help you stay ahead of the curve by testing new features before they are released.

In summary, working with a Microsoft Advertising Certified Professional can provide you with many benefits such as cost-effectiveness, detailed analytics, real-time data, access to beta features, and Professional Service Ads.

The Internet Marketing team at McCord Web Services is ready to help you get started advertising on the Microsoft Advertising network. Check with us today to see how we make it easy for you to get started.

Just Started Advertising on Google Ads? Tips on Determining Your Ad Budget

Just Started Advertising on Google Ads? Tips on Determining Your Ad Budget

When you start advertising on Google Ads, how do you determine your starting budget?

There is no mystery to deciding your budget for Google Ads. I use the Keyword Planner to determine the best budget for starting out. Here are my tips.

  1. Create a list of 10 two to three word phrases that you feel will help drive qualified traffic.
  2. Go to your Google Ads account or ask your Google Ads consultant to run the numbers for you, but putting each keyword in the Google Keyword Planner to check for traffic, competition, and typical bids.
  3. Plan on these potential bids being about 20% lower than the real auction for clicks when your account is set up.
  4. Take the average of these ten keyword’s click costs and then decide how many clicks you would like to have a day before your ads stop showing.
  5. Look at the number generated in step 4 and determine if you can realistically live with this number. Never get over your head in regards to a budget that is way beyond your means. It is not typical to get leads in Google Ads the day ads serve. For some account it can take as long as three weeks for optimization to start to see the first lead conversion.
  6. Remember a lead conversion or beneficial action you are recording as a conversion is not always a sale. Sometimes it is just the first step in the sales process.
  7. Understand that it takes time for a Google Ads account to become profitable. Google Ads is a dynamic auction with bids changing for each query and many factors determining if your ads show or not.
  8. Work with a professional Google Ads account manager or consultant like McCord Web Services to get the most out of Google Ads.

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