SpamDrain Killed My Smartphone Spam Problem

Save time with SpamDrain.
Save time with SpamDrain.

I live by my smartphone. If you are like me it is your pipeline to your office; untethering you from your desk so you can work literally anywhere. The issue I had with my phone was a growing email spam issue.

On a small screen, it seemed like my home email account on my smartphone only had spam. My office account is already so cluttered with email I was wasting time wading through tons of bogus message. I knew that there just had to be a spam app for smartphones like there is for desktops!

Actually, there are not many apps like SpamDrain to filter smartphone emails, there are really only a few. But, I have found one called SpamDrain that is really working for me. First, I am not paid by the company for the review, I have bought the product, like it, and wanted to share it with you.

Find SpamDrain at the Google Apps store or visit them online at (note the net). I did the 14 day free trial and was amazed at the control and filtering. My phone now had real messages that I could find! This is really a great time saving app. It has some nice features like being able to add multiple emails – watch it though you’ll pay $14.99 for each account they filter for a year if you decide to buy the app after the trial.

You can review, via your phone app or online via your desktop, what has been filtered to help train the application, but really I did not have to do hardly any of that. The filters worked pretty good as they were initially.

If you are getting bogged down with spam emails on your smartphone SpamDrain is the app for you. Check it out!

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