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Welcome to The player’s view of Fiesta Online!

Fiesta Online? What is that?

    This is what you might be wondering; and I am going to tell you. It is a game that once you start playing for a while, it becomes addictive and soon, every spare time you have, it’s spent playing on this game. The graphics are very good, with the characters being very detailed. Oh, By the way, the characters are manga, and so they don’t look like real people, but cartoon-ish instead.

    The game also has a store that (using real money) you can buy spark cash, the game’s form of money; that can be used to buy cool items that your character can equip. Example:  A premium Beauty Shop Coupon. This can be used to change your character’s appearance. It can change gender, hair color, style, and the structure of their face. All for 3600,i think. That is a little over $5.00, which in spark cash is 3500. Although, most of the items only last for a week or a month. Then they disappear. Although, the new appearance of your character does not change after you have used the coupon. The creators of Fiesta are coming out with permanent items that cost about a lot more, but you can keep them forever. Great, huh?

    In Fiesta, you can gain titles, like the one I have on the game, which is ‘Announcer’. That title I got through talking on a certain chat for a while. There are other cool titles like ‘Talk Show Host’, ‘Enhancement God’ and ‘Warrior’.  Right now, my characters are a level 44 Wizmage named Teeta, in guild Cupcake_Cult, and my level 37 Highcleric named Royia, the ex-master of Eternal_Flower, and now a proud admin of Swift_Legion. I have other characters on my server, which is Epith, but those are the ones that I play on the most. The other servers are: Bijou, Apoline, and Teva.

    You can also go up levels by killing monsters, like for level 1’s, it can be slimes and mushrooms. Another way to go up levels is to do quests. Or you can have a high level help you with them, and go up levels faster. That is called ‘p-leveling’. That is where you are power leveled by a higher level where that person helps you with quests or takes you to a higher place where you get more experience. You need a certain amount of experience to go up a level.  Once you go up a level, you are faced with new quests, new titles, and new armor which you can buy with copper. 100 copper equals 1 silver and 100 silver equals 1 gold. And so on.

    There are also guilds. In one, you can be a member, a guard, an admin, a council, or even the master; if you created or were given that guild. It costs a lot though to make a guild. 300 silver. Tip: you can not buy gem, gold, silver, or copper like you can with spark cash. You have to make it yourselves. You can do that by selling the items that monsters drop when you defeat them.

    Right now, the highest level possible is 89; soon to be 105, i think. Oh! Once you become level 20, you have to take a challenge to receive a title. If you do not defeat this quest, which is where you must defeat a copy of yourself that has about 8000 health while you have only about 1000. Once you defeat him/her, you go up a rank. You go from a level 20 (cleric, fighter, mage, or archer. One of your choice.) to a level 20 (Highcleric, Cleverfighter, Hawkarcher, or Wizmage). Notice: once you start as a certain character, you can not change it’s class.

    There is a big map of Isya, which is the land where your character this game is placed in. There are 4 towns. Roumen: a beginner’s town. Mostly for levels under 20. Small and simple. Elderine: a level 20-60 town. It is luxuriously big and has a lot of people. Sand Hill: holds the same items and stores as Eldy, just has different monsters and look to it. Uruga: The high level town, only accessed by scrolls or traveling through level 60 places. I would show you a map of Isya, but currently I cannot find any. Everyone all over the world can play Fiesta Online.

Go to this website if you want to download it or if maybe your child does! 🙂 


If you are in the  US, Canada, or Mexico; scroll down to the right side of the screen and click on the link labeled: For US, Canada, or Mexico users.

Or, If you want to see my page and ask me about it, go to this website.


P.S. ~ I hope this doesn’t sound like advertising! *laughs* 🙂

  <–People from Fiesta Online

This post was written by my 12 year old daughter who has spent the day with me on Visit Your Parents At Work Day today.


Take Your Kids to Work Day

Today two of my three children will be blogging. I’m just letting you know ahead of time. :0)

Today is “take your kids to work day” here in Maryland. One of my 12 year old triplets is going with my husband to the Naval Research Laboratory and the other two triplets are staying here in my office today. They think that they will have it easy. They expect to watch me for about five minutes and then go off and play their video games. They have no idea what I have in store for them.

Actually I have an incredibly busy day ahead. I am working on two design projects and have several regular webmaster updates to do as well as a phone conference planned and several other projects. I plan on keeping them very busy. In fact as a project they will each be doing a blog post on Monday so get ready!

Kids need to know first hand what their parents do for work. It can give them a wonderful sense of reality to see that no Mom does not sit in front of the computer and do games nor does she talk endlessly on the phone with friends, she is actually working earning money for the family and that the work is hard and takes time to do.

These are some of the things that I am having my kids do today:

  1. Answer all the phones.
  2. Punch holes in papers for client time sheets.
  3. Do a blog post on my blog about their experience.
  4. Log how many phone calls I make and receive.
  5. List the time spent on web design, Internet marketing services, and client management.
  6. Review the blog posts from our 7 blog writers to see if they are done and on time.
  7. Write a report for school on what their Mom actually does.
  8. Make me lunch, get me drinks, and be my go-fer for the day.

Actually I think they will be surprised at the wide variety of things that I do and the number of calls and projects I accomplish in one day. Although I have a full day planned, I know that my schedule has simply been flown out the window, so if you get a McCord child on the phone today, don’t get your email responded to, you will know why, I am performing a very important task in regards to preparing future web designers and Internet marketing managers.


The College Of Now

Colleges are becoming more and more technology oriented. Everything is moving to the web. Almost everything I need to do is accessible on the web. Here are the things you can do.

• School Email account
• Preorder books through college website (This is great when you get to school you just go to the bookstore and pick them up, they are all in a nice box for you. This eliminates the long lines.)
• Check class work and schedule online
• Check grades online
• Sign up for classes online(this tells you if classes are available and even how many seats are available)
• Converse with teachers
• Pay bills
• Pay fines
• Check for holds on classes and accounts
• Pay Tuition online
• check if your laundry is done online, or if there are any available washers and dryers
• get text message alerts for anything troublesome on campus

This is all very different from when my parents were in college, from what they have told me they didn’t have computers available and calculators were the size of textbooks.

This is my last post as I am now going back to college. Thanks for being patient while I blogged for my Mom. I found out first hand it is much harder being a blogger than I thought it would be.

Times have really changed and college has too by embracing technology making convenience come to you with the click of a mouse. One thing that hasn’t changed is the amount of work and participation to be successful at college.


Outspark’s Fiesta User Game Review

Fiesta is the game sweeping kids around the globe by storm. I interviewed a player to see what all the commotion was about. It seems she couldn’t pick just one feature about the game to be her favorite, but here are some she mentioned. First was that she liked to use it for chat and the second was because she feels it has good graphics. I must say as a gamer, graphics are a big part of liking a game; it’s all about how it looks.

 I asked her why she liked the game for chatting because there are plenty of ways to chat without a game being involved. She said none of her friends liked using AIM or other chat windows. Also her mother doesn’t want her to use them.

Next, I asked her, why do you buy enhancements that last under 30 days? (Mind you she spends real money on this) she answered 30 days is a long time to me and its only $5. Also I asked about marriage because I thought it was funny that characters would want to get married on a game. She said she doesn’t want to get married now, and didn’t say why others did it. All she said was that you have to pay for the marriage as well and the dress costs around $15 real dollars.

I then asked about hair coupons and what they do. She said the coupons are only $5 and they alloy you to change everything about your character’s face and you can even switch sexes. To close it up, I asked if a lot of people curse and what happens when they do, since this is a child’s game. She said there is cursing, but it is all blocked out and she doesn’t see it happen very often.

I hope you find this player review useful and can help you make a decision on whether to let your kids play the game.


Left 4 Dead Game Review

Left 4 Dead is a fairly recent game that I have played and found to be a lot of fun. First off, the story line is that some disease has broken out and has infected everyone in the city, except for the four people that are being played by you and your friends. It is just like any other recent zombie movie, they aren’t dead they are infected. If you have see 28 Days Later, or Dawn of the Dead you know what I’m talking about.

Well anyway, you start out in a specified point with your pals and you are walking through the city trying to get to the extraction point. Along the way you encounter large hordes of zombies and sometimes you run into things like little bosses. They all do different things, for example, you have this giant fat character that has growths all over his body and his job is to throw up on you. This makes your life miserable and makes all the other zombies come after you. Along the way you find new guns and ammo, as well as improve your health. If you die, your friends can find you in locked rooms and can save you almost like saving someone that was stranded.

Don’’t fret, story mode isn’t the only thing you have to do, also there is a form of verses. This is composed of two teams infected and regular people ‘er rather victims. As a person, you have the same job as in the rest of the game, to survive and make it to the check point and finally to extraction. The job of the other team (the infected one) is to kill you, the regular people. When you are on the zombie team you are one of the boss characters.  And at certain point in the level you are on, you have the chance to be a tank which is the biggest baddest zombie -like an Arnold Schwarzenegger zombie.

I find the game to be great fun and it is not in the least bit scary because you know when the zombies are coming. I would say 14 and up could play this game and have a lot of fun with it. So check out Left 4 Dead.


Grand Theft Auto 4, Is It Appropriate For Kids?

Grand Theft Auto 4 is a fun game if you’re the right age. Most parents care if their children are playing games with violence, sex, cursing, and drugs so I feel it is good idea to let people know that Grand Theft Auto 4 has all of these aspects.

These aspects do not occasionally pop up, but are present at all times in the game – they are inescapable. In the game, you are a Russian mobster that has many jobs, from selling drugs to being a hit man. Your player does refuse to use drugs when presented, but he does sell drugs to others. When you are walking the streets you can kill any civilian or steal any car. The game also encourages you to kill police officers.

Grand Theft Auto 4 also allows you to get drunk, fall over, and have all the effects of real drinking including the ability to drive while drunk. As in real life, the effects of drinking impair your driving skills. You automatically swerve and hit people walking on the sidewalks.

I do not feel that video games affect children’s actions adversely although some people may disagree, as when I was a child I would play games with these themes. I never had the impulse to go kill anyone or do drugs. But, I do understand that if a parent feels that a game will influence their child they should know about the game before they buy it or allow it to be played.

I would strongly caution parents to play this game before their children do just to be sure that they know what is going on first.