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Premium Blog Writing Services

Give Us a Call to Get Started with our Blog Writing Services today!
Give Us a Call to Get Started with Our Blog Writing Services Today!

We do not provide your typical blog writing services! Here’s how…

We stand out from other blog writing service firms by providing quality writing and quality assurance checks.

  • Our SEO expert personally selects each topic based on your criteria and crafts the title as well as selects the background material for the writer for each blog post.
  • Each blog post our writers write is carefully reviewed by our staff assuring that what you receive is well-written.
  • We check each blog post for proper grammar usage using Microsoft Word’s grammar and spell check.
  • Each blog post passes a test of uniqueness (using Copyscape) before you even receive it.

Ask us to help you decide which writing level is best for your personal business needs by scheduling a conference call. When we chat about your project we’ll ask about the type of blog writing you need and the level of expertise that a writer would need for your project. We’ll brainstorm potential topics and check their do-ability. We’ll jointly choose the best level of our services based on your expectations and our writing pool’s ability.

For specialized SEO related services, we also provide monthly reporting; monitoring specific keyword phrases that we will then use in blogging and work with you for a blog/SEO strategy to help your garner better organic placement.

We know that we are not a match for every business, but for those that need a cohesive content strategy, well-written blog posts, and project oversight, we are an excellent match.


Do You Have a Content Production Schedule?

Do you need a content production strategy?
Do you need a content production schedule? Yes you do!

A content production schedule, what’s that? Even if you do not blog and pay a service to blog for you, or if you don’t blog at all, a content production schedule is key to improving your organic search placement over time.

Start first by evaluating your important traffic generating keywords
You can typically identify the top keywords for your website by reviewing what generates the most leads for you in Google AdWords or by pouring over your Google Analytics statistics.

Take time to build website or blog content that speaks to these important topics
If you convert on a particular keyword phrase, make sure you are using it in your content or build out new website content to specifically address these phrases.  If you blog, consider using those important keywords in your blog posts.

Monitor your organic placement on your target terms
To see if you are moving up organically on your chosen terms focus for a full 30 days on building 12 blog posts or three website pages over 1,000 words each that speak to the phrase you are evaluating.

Make sure to measure placement before and at the 30 day mark. You may need another 30 to 90 days of hitting those same terms before you will start to see movement.

Plan your content ahead 30 days out
After you have evaluated your placement. Start a spreadsheet and create your page content or blog post titles that are keyword dense and then schedule time or have your writer create interesting informational articles that speak to these topics.

If you need help with a blog writing strategy for your website to boost your organic placement, make sure to visit our website to find out how we can help you with  a content strategy that works.


Blogging for the Authority It Builds

Google Partner Badge
McCord Web Services is a Google Partner.

In my world, that of webmasters, blogging is not about chatty comments from readers. In fact for me, blogging is not really about subscribers, rather blogging is all about building new fresh content on your website, garnering inbound links, creating new content for search engines to spider and to build website/keyword authority.

Yes, content of this type of blogging is crucial and not for the faint of heart. Excellent and well-written blog posts capture the attention of a wider market, encourage others to link to your content, and effectively soft sell your products and services. It is less about writing about you and more about writing to answer a question or solve a problem!

If you stay focused on the real reason for a blog and monitor link growth over time in the Google Search Console, you will feel the value of blogging more than if you are monitoring the number of comments from readers.

Add to the mix the ability to garner search placement on blog posts that will then act as a doorway into your website for readers, and blogging has even more value.

If you are looking for the “right” writer and professional tone for your blog, look no further. Visit our website to read blog post samples and check out our prices.


What Are You Doing to Wean Yourself Off Pay Per Click?

Puzzle pieces
We put the pieces together for you to build great, sharable content.

Have you been grumping about your pay per click bill? Do you look at the unpaid listings on Google.com and dream about appearing in the top ten results?

If you are only spending your marketing dollars on Google AdWords and not investing in building great content for your website by using an on-domain blog then you are never going to wean yourself off pay per click advertising.

You can get organic search activity, social shares, and build natural links when you regularly write blog posts on your website. Google and Bing love that you are keeping your content fresh and that you are building slow, natural links. The first page a new visitor sees may just be a blog post which then leads them into your website. You may even build your e-newsletter subscriber base from great blog content.

More site owners are moving away from blogging and moving into pay per click advertising forgetting that although pay per click has an immediate return, blogging and content building have a place in a long term marketing strategy that builds value for search engines and enhances prospect engagement as well as keeping readers on your website longer.

If you are thinking about blogging, I invite you to read samples of posts we have written to see if now may be the time for you to start posting again on your blog. Our capable blog writers and knowledgeable oversight makes the creation of sharable content easy.


Why Blogging Still Matters

Google Partner Badge
McCord Web Services is a Google Partner.

In this every changing world of the Web, it seems as if blogging has fallen out of favor with clients. But why would that be, and are customers wrong for stopping blogging.

It is important to cater to your audience in your web marketing approaches and each customer has different needs, but blogging feeds search engines. This makes blogging more than a social outreach like Facebook or Twitter, it should be an integral part of every business’ marketing push.

Here’s what blogging does for building website exposure:

1. Blogging with a WordPress blog installed on your website’s domain adds page content that Google and Bing count as if each blog post was a new page in your own website.

2. With 250 to 350 word posts you can build keyword density on one topic. Craft a title as a question and you could appear in the top ten search results for Google based on that query.

3. Blog posts will be indexed by Google and will appear separately in the search results allowing for additional ways for readers and potential prospects to self-discover your content, website, and services.

4. For people on your website already, blogging allows you to build authoritative content that keeps a reader on your site longer. If the content is helpful, well written and unique the reader may spend more time reading more than one blog post, and may even share your content back on their own blog or in social media.

I think business owners get confused thinking that blogging is social media, but it is much more than that. It is a link building tool, builds keyword density for your domain, and enhances the user experience. It is a much more productive medium than Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

Want to find out more about blogging? I invite you to check out our pricing and read sample blog posts before you sign up for our affordable blog writing services.


Blog Writer’s Guide to Image Use – Prevent Copyright Infringement

Wow, I love this app!
Update your image use protocol.

As a quality blog writing service provider, my firm has developed some best practices over the years in regards to image use and preventing copyright infringement. I wanted to share a few with you in today’s blog post.

1. Use images in your blog posts. It used to be that just text was fine for a well-written blog post. But, in our very visual world of the web, without an image, your blog post looks dull and may not get the traction it needs to be shared. At McCord Web Services, we use only images that we have taken ourselves or images that we buy for one time use from DepositPhotos.com or iStockPhotos.com.

2. Make sure you and your staff adhere to the principle of leaving the purchased source in the image name. This way if you go to select an image to reuse from your WordPress media gallery if you see iStockPhotos or DepositPhotos in the file name, you know to buy a second license or not use it. Never, ever reuse a one time use photo thinking that just because it is in your WordPress blog media gallery you have full use rights. You do not!

3. Review your image use program with all staff. It does your firm no good if you know the image use rules, but your office staff who may do a blog post at some point in time does not!

4. Get in the habit of taking your own clip art photos. Why buy and image of a smartphone to use for your blog post when you can take a pic of your own and use it royalty free anytime you want? Typically, I will put MWS (McCord Web Services) in front of the file name of any pictures I take so that I know and my staff knows we own these image rights and can use them however and whenever we want for all our clients.

5. If you provide professional services like we do for blog clients, make sure your client knows the rules and you are indemnified from a future lawsuit from a client using one time use images that you may have purchased by putting it in your contract. We do.

If you need blog writing services make sure to check us out first.