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Matt Cutts of Google Talks About Content and Keyword Density

I found an article recently that included an interview with Matt Cutts on the changes that Google wants to see in website content. The article is excellent reading but the author plugs his approach a wee bit heavy handed. The full article can be read here and it is worth reading, but the key points are detailed for you below along with my comments.

  1. Heavy keyword density on a page may actually now be considered spammy by Google. Google is now looking for natural looking and natural reading content. Cater to the reader not Google.
  2. Google does not need the phrase you would like to place on in the same order over and over on a page. Use the phrase you like once or twice and then you can mix up the way the words show in the phrase.
  3. Google can now identify synonyms and the meaning of your content with its technology. It does not need for you to control content in an unnatural way to place on certain phrases.
  4. If you overuse keywords phrases in a page, Google may consider your page spammy and not reward organic placement.

Matt Cutts of Google says “Never sacrifice the quality of your copy for the sake of the search engines. It’s just not necessary. The next time you write a new page of copy, test this approach to writing for the engines and see if you get as good (or better) results than before. I’m betting you’ll be pleasantly surprised.”


No One Likes to Hear No, But We Aren’t a Good Match for Everyone

That’s right we do actually turn prospects away. We are simply not a good match for every prospect’s needs. What we do do, we do great. That being said in a nutshell, we have a passion for small to medium sized business owners who typically have a brick and mortar operation. We are typically also working with the business owner directly and not a corporate chain of command.

It bear repeating, but we do not work or provide any of our services for these business sectors:

Adult Content

Any site that has adult themes such as dating sites, soft core pornography, images of partially clothed women that are used to sell your products, lingerie, any sexual aids or products, we just do not provide services for regardless of whether it is blogging or even Google AdWords.

Stock Brokers, Day Traders, Forex Traders and Their Management Software

In this case we have simply found that the nature of your business is so complicated that the time it takes us to learn and be effective for you is just not cost effective for us. In many cases you are additionally governed by regulations making even blog writing a difficult operation.

E-Books and Products Sold by Squeeze Pages in Multi-Level Marketing Programs

We typically do not supply services for products that are e-books or online how to guides. Although you can still be successful with these approaches, we simply do not have a passion for working with products that are typically sold using these vehicles. This would cover e-books on how to make money in real estate, sell or trade stocks or use the forex, or how to sell multi-level marketing products.

No one likes to hear no, but it is by far better for you to find a supplier that has a true passion for what you do and what you sell. We can help many businesses, but just not all.


Writing Web Content

Writing quality web content is a craft. I tell website owners that readers have the “Burger King syndrome” – they want it (content) their way right away. When it comes to website content, you need to deliver the “goods” quickly, succinctly, and in a winning way.

Short and sweet is best and so is get to the point, but don’t get too carried away keeping your content short especially on the home page. You’ve got to have enough content to build a great keyword density on your top performing words to get traction in the organic search results.

The web is scanning medium. You should write for the web differently than you do for the print medium. Make sure to use headings and sub headings to break up your content. Make sure to use bullets, lists, and tables to direct the user to other pages or sections. Use anchor text to deep link keywords on products or services to help search engines travel deep into your inside web content.

I don’t recommend bolding keywords or phrases as this may encourage readers not to read your page content at all, but Yahoo and MSN do more heavily weight bolded words in their organic algorithm and you may be an extra boost on those engines if your top keywords or phrases are bolded. Google used to do the same, but does not take into account bolded words at this time. Not all websites are candidates for using bolding as a technique for organic placement it may impact the appearance and readability of the page.

Keeping your font size small also encourages reading versus scanning of your content page. But don’t work to defeat usability by keeping your reader from being able to increase the size of the font using tools and text size with their browser. It is best to have your font be set in percentages. My favorite for a typical size is 85% which is about 10 pixels or 10 pts.

The best home page for a website gives an overview of services and products and deep links in the content to important web sections. Ideally it should be more than 300 words long and less than 800 words long.