Web Presence on a Budget

Websites are expensive, really expensive if you are selling something, and just plain expensive for a great optimized site. So how do you get out there if you are just starting up or just want a web presence on a budget?

Here are a few options worth considering for a budget web presence:

  • Consider a website using a template design. There are some website templates that you can buy that don’t look half bad, just don’t expect things like that to get you fabulous organic placement. Be realistic, use them as a stepping stone allowing you to walk before you run. When you can invest in a better website, but use inexpensive options to get out there. We have a program called Quick Launch that is our version of an inexpensive website. For $600 you get 5 pages with a degree of customization and the content you want.


  • Consider using a blog as your first website. With a myriad of blog templates and WordPress you can even create section pages. This is a simple easy way to start a web presence for under $150. This even includes an expert setting up your blog on your selected hosting server.  Creating the content and customization will be up to you, but that is a super bargain to get your feet wet on the Web.

One thought on “Web Presence on a Budget”

  1. I’d recommend using wordpress. Going to be your cheapest and easiest way to build a website.

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