SEO’s Take a New Strategy with Anchor Text

Don't get nailed by Google's Penguin filters
Don’t get nailed by Google’s Penguin filters

It used to be pre-Penguin era, that you researched your keywords and then actively worked to include the keywords you wanted to place on organically in your anchor text. For some of you who are reading, anchor text is the actually text that is shown that is underlined in a hyperlink. Now, to prevent link spam penalties on, you’d better mix up your anchor text!How So?

Now it is a big no-no to constantly repeat the same anchor text in on-site and off-site efforts. In fact some SEO’s are moving to general terms such as visit our website, click here, find out more instead of very targeted keyword uses such as Maryland SEO firm, or SEO experts. Google actually recommends using descriptive text for links and not the very general click here types of use. However, some SEOs are trying to mitigate overly optimized strategies now by introducing generic links to move their SEO client sites out from underneath Google’s microscope. Here’s a great article I’ve found that really expounds on that topic. 

So what’s a website owner to do in regards to anchor text?

1. Make sure you do not use the same three to five phrases of anchor text in your website and off-site efforts starting now!

2. Mix it up, use generic text as well as descriptive, but not keyword dense phrases. Consider the reader, use what works best and is descriptive of the link versus a set phrasing albeit even in unnatural wording to not be hit by Google’s Penguin filters.

3. Work to increase your visibility on the web so co-citation can work for you for organic placement. Google is very smart now, you don’t need to spoon feed keywords important to your traffic; rather take time to let others share your content and Google will understand what you do through these offsite mentions.

Just a few tips to help you take a new direction. If you need more concrete help to move your website into becoming a web authority site, make sure to check with McCord Web Services.