It’s Time to Put Your Website on a Diet

Put Your Website on a Diet!
Put Your Website on a Diet!

Well what I really mean is to put your website on a content diet. In months and years past, it was a great idea, and SEO strategy, to build some really great content to help build site authority. This was a winning strategy when Google was counting links and in counting inbound traffic.

Now however, Google is watching relevancy and that means click through rate and bounce rate of your website. Content that was informational in nature that gave your site a 75% and higher bounce rate is now a liability for organic placement.

As an example, before my own cleanup due to some of the content I was carrying, my bounce rate was around 75%. After my cleanup, my bounce rate is now 39.07%. I simply redesigned my site, revamped my content and actually dropped pages that were just built to be informational, instructional or to build authority.

As you make site changes you should at least shoot for the overall global average bounce rate of 46.9%. What used to be great to fluff up traffic and boot organic placement may now be dropping you in the SERPs!

If you would like more in-depth information I suggest this article that mirrors my own recommended strategy for websites in today’s world for Google.

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