Google AdWords Says Hello to Broad Match Modifiers as Keywords of Choice

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Over the nine or so years that I have been managing Google AdWords accounts, I’ve seen new match types added to the AdWords program. Out of all the types I use I like broad match modifiers the best. But based on this recent article from Search Engine Watch, I may stop using all other match types in accounts as Google has blurred the lines between what the various match types now do.

I’ve never loved broad match keywords and now even more I am distancing myself from their use as when I look at the search queries that are trigged in accounts using broad match in AdWords I consider the queries weak and a waste of money for a client.

However, I feel differently about broad match modifiers. I like the control and ability to modify some words in my phrase and leave others alone. It is not uncommon in accounts I manage to see phrases like:

+Keyword Services +Location note that with this query phrase Google can broad match and show the ads on synonyms of services but that my selected Keyword AND Location must be in the search query phrase.

I still use all match types based on a clients needs but see myself distancing myself farther from exact match and broad match as time goes by just as this article mentioned.

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Mobile Bid Formula Designed by Google – How to Get Your Bid Right!

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McCord Web Services is a Google Partner and Nancy McCord is a Certified Professional.

This past month across a number of AdWords accounts I’ve started to see a drop in conversions as Google AdWords more strongly serves ads in the mobile space. With click costs, impressions and click through rates nearly the same as the past 30 days when there were healthy conversions, I had to dig deep to identify what was plaguing a number of client accounts.

I found that by serving more strongly in mobile, AdWords had forced my conversions lower. By adjusting the mobile bid using a formula that my Google Rep., Kelsey Bowers, shared with me this week, I am working to boost conversions back to the appropriate level.

Kelsey told me that Google has done extensive statistical testing to come up with this formula and I’d like to share it with you.

Here’s what I do. Go to the Campaign tab, then go to the setting tab, and then go to the device tab. Make sure that these columns in your view, if not click customize columns to add them – conversions, cost per conversion, and conversion rate.

By campaign use this formula to decide your mobile bid:

(Mobile conversion rate divided by Desktop conversion rate) -1 times 100 = mobile bid adjust up or down.

Make sure that before you finish, you look at your mobile versus desktop cost per conversion. If you are spending nearly the same budget or more in mobile versus desktop and have no conversions in either space do a 90% deduction in bid in mobile or wait to get more data to make a good decision on what is right for your needs.

I found that the ad serving changes that I saw this month reflected a big increase in ad serving in the mobile space and that I was paying too much for exposure at the expense of account conversion generation. With a few quick change our clients will be back on track in no time.

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Late to the Mobile-Friendly Website Game? What to Do

Image of a responsive website on multiple devices.
Make sure you set the viewport for your site to display it properly on multiple devices.

If you are waited to update your website to be mobile-friendly and your traffic and business is crashing, know that Google means business in regards to transitioning to a mobile-focused world of search.

Over the last three months I have seen a huge shift even in AdWords conversions and for many clients all activity is now click to call from mobile devices. If you missed the boat and did not update your website to be mobile friendly by this week, here are a few quick things you can do to remediate that problem.

Some sites that you may want to check out if you are a do it yourselfer are:

DudaMobile – has mobile friendly as well as responsive designs.

WIX – just be careful of the design as not all are really responsive.

Shopify – has some nice designs to consider.

Webflow – is even a consideration.

Of course if you want greater control over your design and content, or simply do not have enough time to do this yourself, we have a very nice turnkey program for responsive websites for you to check out and try out online. Just let us know your interested and we’ll send you a link to over 50 super nice responsive starting points for your customized website.


Why Can’t I See My Website Properly with an iPad?

Image of a responsive website on multiple devices.
Make sure you set the viewport for your site to display it properly on multiple devices.

There are several reasons you may not be able to see your own website properly with your iPad. Here are a few suggestions to work through to try to identify the nature of your problem.

1. How old is your website. If it is older than two years old, most likely your iPad cannot see parts of your website properly due to depreciated code. As technology advances, not always is everything backwards compatible especially when it comes to the code that makes your website work.

2. Test your website with your desktop, smartphone, and laptop. Try looking at your website in a variety of devices as well as platforms. Not all website designers check cross browser and device compatibility when they design a website.

3. Check to see if your website is using Flash. Apple has not embraced Flash – which is a graphics application that shows video like actions. If you see a big black section most likely it is a Flash viewing problem. More and more sites in the last two years have totally moved away from Flash due to this issue.

4. If you can see part of a drop down menu and not the rest or a button won’t even open the drop down, try it on your desktop. If you can experience the action there, it is simply an issue of technology. Your website may be using older code and so not be completely viewable with your iPad.

Here’s my rule of thumb, if your website is three years old or older, you really need to upgrade to a responsive design. There have been just too many technological advancements in the last two years that anything older than that is using old source code and will continue to show issues when viewed with new technology.

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Blogging: Have It Your Way!

Man having an idea!
Blog writing, get it your way!

Don’t like to write your own blogs, but don’t want to pay a lot for your content either? Are freelance posting sites too hard to manage? Do you simply need better quality and a real person to talk to for a strategy?

Welcome to McCord Web Services! We have a blog writing program that allows you to build a project your way.

1. Select from four different word count ranges.

2. Choose your weekly frequency. There is no price penalty if you only want one post a week. Ask us if you need a lesser frequency.

3. Decide if you want the blog post installed for you in WordPress for $5 a post or you want to save money and get the posts for your own use as a Word document.

4. Do you want to save money and add your own blog post image? Go ahead. Or if you want turnkey service for $7 we’ll buy a one-time use image from iStockPhoto or DepositPhoto and install it for you.

You build your own program based on your needs and your budget. Find out more about this business-friendly blog writing program and read content samples today.


Is Your Website Like a VHS Tape?

Take off your "rose-colored glasses"!
Take off your “rose-colored glasses”!

Sure, you remember VHS tapes, don’t you? Even my teens remember watching Pokémon video tapes from the library. But try to find a VHS tape for sale at the store or even a VHS player and you’re simply out of luck. This is exactly where some websites will be in the very near future.

I recently spoke to a client about a responsive website redesign and his comment was “it looks good to me on my phone”. Another said “as long as I can see it on my iPad and desktop, I’m fine.” What both don’t realize is that they should not be designing for their own technology use, but for Google and the world. So the question to ask now is, “Is your website like a VHS tape?”

Here are the questions you should ask yourself:

1. Am I planning for the future? If I do not upgrade my website this next year will browsers and smartphones still be able to see my site? Will my site appear broken for those users?

2. Will my site still be found in the search indexes if I do not upgrade my technology? Google has already stated that it will be filtering out of the mobile search space after April 21, 2015 websites that are not mobile-friendly. Where will your site place in one year? How about two years?

3. How much of my current traffic is from smartphones and tablets. If it is over 50% and I do not have a mobile friendly site, how will users find me?

4. If I advertise on Google AdWords and my website is not mobile-friendly will Google stop showing my ads to this important and growing market?

It makes perfect sense to do nothing with your old website if you are retiring this next year, but if you are still counting on your website to bring in leads and traffic now and in the future, you would be wise to be moving forward by moving to  a new responsive website. Don’t look at your website from your own technology considerations. it is time to take off your rose-colored glasses and see your website the way others AND Google see it.