What to Do When You Only Place Organically for Your Business Name – Part One

Clear Strategy
Get a Clear Strategy on How to Place Organically

If you only place for your own business name, (which is totally not difficult as that is the name plastered all over your website), it is time to get busy!

First – find out what you should be placing on
Do some keyword research. If you are using Google AdWords, the tools found there are a great place to start to see what Google says is popular. Also check out your Google Analytics statistics. If what you see at Analytics is still not what you personally feel you should be placing on, put on your thinking hat. Sit on Google.com for 15 minutes and do a reality check. What would you enter on Google to find what you are selling in your own business and in your own area.

Second – get strategic about the terms you want to own
Don’t go hog wild crazy trying to place on one and two word terms or for that matter forty keyword phrases. Start with two or three phrases that contain three or four words each and preferably that contain a location specific word. If you don’t place now for just about anything but your name, start small. Try first to place on terms with your city name within your placement phrase.

Third – start building out or buying unique content using your selected terms
I like website page creation plus blogging on your on-domain blog to try to build some keyword density in a smart way. Google will penalize you if you try to stuff keywords into the content, so go easy on how many times you use your new keyword phrases and strive to keep your content natural and readable.

Make sure to check back on Wednesday for more tips on what you can do to start placing organically on search terms other than your business name.

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