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Microsoft adCenter Name to Be Updated?

I follow adCenter on Twitter and noticed that this past week they had announced the new name for their service is Bing Search Advertising. Interesting… as a Microsoft Advertising Accredited Professional, I wonder when adCenter will be changing their name and the adCenter program will be updating their professionals badge.

Here are a few of the  names I might recommend to them:

Bing Accredited Professional

Bing Advertising Certified Professional

Bing Advertising Accredited Professional

It will be very interesting to see what happens to the program in the months to come. Personally, I feel that adCenter is a good program. I like the interface and they have picked up many of the tools that AdWords has that make account management easy and serve ads better like inline editing, broad match modifiers, and radius targeting.

In the weeks to come, we’ll be updating our own adCenter services to offer a bundled program with AdWords. In the meantime, you can review more information about adCenter advertising and our account management programs.