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LinkedIn Penalty – Have You Been Caught?

If you are loading a large contact list into LinkedIn, be aware that you may run into their user penalty. What I am speaking about is a step by LinkedIn to trim spam and to keep their application about connections.

For me, I am definitely not a spammer. However I did get caught by the filter just the same. LinkedIn encourages you to load your address books and lists and to connect with every person you have ever contacted. However, if some of these people do not remember you or if you were a casual acquaintance, they can mark your invitation as “I do not know this person” and ding you. Get three or four dings and LinkedIn will not let you connect with anyone unless you know their email address.

So be careful about loading a large list you may get caught too. At this point LinkedIn says contact their customer service department to say you understand the rules and they will re enable the ability to connect but make sure to not let that happen again.

If you’ve had similar issues with LinkedIn, let me know what you did to resolve them. By the way one of our European friends mentioned that Xing.com is the application in Europe so look soon for our Xing profile and connect with us there too.