Why Use a Google AdWords Account Manager

McCord Web Services has created a unique business-friendly series of programs to help you get started with AdWords fast and with professional support when you need it.

When you select us as your account manager, we work hard to provide the results you desire, treat you fairly, and are good stewards of your AdWords budget while billing hourly or at a flat rate.

McCord Web Services is a Google Partner and Nancy McCord, Owner of McCord Web Services LLC is also an individually certified.

Nancy McCord, our AdWords™ account manager, has studied numerous hours on over 110 AdWords topics in 9 different content areas. She has passed Google’s rigorous exam many times, completed a monitored AdWords internship period, and managed numerous client accounts with ad spends of $500 to $60,000 per month.

She has been a Google AdWords Search Certified Professional for over nine years and her business is a Google Partner. She re-certifies with AdWords yearly and operates well above the Google monitored average rating for all Google Partners in regards to account management, use of AdWords tools, and customer service. We invite you to read the comments and ratings that we have received from our clients on our AdWords services by visiting our AdWords References page. There are 5,000 Google Partners worldwide.